About Pure Choice Partnership


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Focussing on sensitivity, sustainability and the environment, the Pure Choice Partnership exists to recognise products and services that are safe for consumers and for our planet, and the organisations that are committed to achieving it.

We offer two partnership types:

Corporate & brand partner

Corporate & brand partners are those who are aligned with the Pure Choice Partnership’s mission. To check this, a partner must share their policies governing approach, ongoing implementation and improvement of sustainability, environmental and ethical working practices.

Accredited partner

Accredited partners are those whose products have been independently proven to be good for consumers and for the planet. Specifically, these products demonstrate that they focus on sensitivity, environmental mindfulness & are sustainably produced. See below to find out more.

Irritant and allergen friendly

Our team of medical experts complete a thorough and unhindered review of the constituent ingredients of a product and look into any user and clinical trials data relating to irritant and allergen friendliness. Any other materials presented to support efficacy claims will also be reviewed by medical experts.

Sustainably produced

An audit is undertaken of the environmental impact of the research, design, manufacture, packaging and disposal of the product to ensure that it complies with international laws and regulations. The audits are undertaken by our independent environmental specialists.

Environmentally mindful

As well as ensuring the product or service is sustainably produced by ensuring it conforms to international regulations, our independent specialists will investigate any additional corporate ethical measures which are being adopted to aid sustainability within the organisation applying for the certification.

The Pure Choice Partnership certification is helping consumers find products and services they want; 89.2% of respondents in a recent consumer survey said they are more likely to buy a product that is environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced.

Apply for the certification

Once awarded, the Pure Choice Partnership certification can be used on all advertising and promotional communications, showing that your product or service is safe for consumers and for our planet.